Hello, my name is Pirkka Esko. I'm a freelancing, Helsinki-based software designer.

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I work at Deck, the co-working space in Punavuori.


Lately I've been doing native iOS development, full-stack web development, native-wrapped HTML5 apps and UX design.

Below are some samples of my work.

Helsingin Arkkitehtuuria

Finnish non-profit OpenHouse ry organizes yearly Open House events that open doors to architectural destinations that are usually inaccessible to public. OpenHouseHelsinki received funding to create an architectural guide that would serve architecture lovers year round. Out now for both iOS and Android.

    When 2014
    Technologies Cordova, Angular JS, Ruby On Rails, ImageMagick
    With Teemu Seppänen, Martta Louekari, Sari Lehtonen, Maija Louekari


Bassoradio is a semi-national FM radio station in Finland. Their first mobile app was created as a volunteer effort that was not fully maintained come 2014. I'm a big fan of Basso, so I decided to create another unofficial listening app as a hobby project. When Basso released the official Basso On Demand app at the end of 2014, they requested me to take the unofficial app down.

Technically the most challening part was writing a Cordova plugin to handle audio playback when the app was sent to background. Despite initial frustrations, it was relatively easy to create a nicely behaving Cordova audio app on iOS. I wish the other platforms were as easy!
    When 2014
    Technologies Cordova, AppGyver, Angular.js, CoffeeScript

JKMM Architects website

The architect office JKMM Architects has won dozens of prizes for their work. I helped create a visual portfolio site that showcases their stunning work in a format that utilizes the whole browser window for photographs and features subtle transparency effects.

    When 2013
    Technologies Ruby On Rails, Cloudinary, CoffeeScript
    With Jenni Erkintalo, Martta Louekari

Elisa Kotikisat

Finnish teleoperator Elisa wanted to create a marketing campaign based on a casual ice hockey game for smart phones. I was part of the initial concept design team at N2 Nolla and ultimately ended up doing 3D iPhone programming, real time audio analysis, scoring server and Facebook integration for the project. The game was eventually ported to Android by Enemy & Sons and to Windows Phone by Blend Media.

    When 2012
    Technologies Objective-C, Ogre 3D, Facebook iOS SDK, Sinatra
    With Teemu Jäppinen, Joakim Schonert, Jan Jernvall

Project Milkshake

Basso Media runs a radio station broadcasting on FM in five cities in Finland. Project Milkshake software suite was created to take care of radio program scheduling, recording and archiving of live broadcasts, playback of advertisements and jingles, monitoring and rescue for program interruptions. Milkshake has been running in production since early 2012.

Milkshake relies on a distributed architecture where various lightweight clients use an internal API to coordinate their tasks.
    When 2012
    Technologies Objective-C, Cocoa, Node.js, Express, Jade


Silta-Valmennus coaches and helps hard-to-employ people to improve their ability to work and to function, and to find their place in society. Tähti is a life situation assessment software that Silta-Valmennus uses in their client work. I designed and implemented the software based on the original concept of Outcomes Star.

Social workers use Tähti together with their clients. I wanted the software to be friendly, down-to-earth and simple to use.
    When 2011
    Technologies Ruby on Rails, jQuery, SVG


Futudesign is the insider forum for architects operating in Finland. I was commissioned to create a new platform for the community based on initial design by Teemu Seppänen, the creator of the original Futudesign message board. The result was a prototype of a fully real-time publishing/discussion platform.

Futudesign aims to recreate the traditional online community in a bold, visual style.
    When 2011
    Technologies Node.js, jQuery, nowJS
    With Teemu Seppänen

Music visualizer

The surprisingly short-lived visual identity of Sibelius Academy by 358 was based on the idea of visualizing of music. I programmed the utility for converting mp3 files to graphical elements that can be used in materials such as posters, brochures, calling cards and websites. The Echo Nest kindly provided a free API for analyzing sound data.

    When 2011
    Technologies Sinatra, SVG, ruby
    With Leo Karhunen